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Monday, September 6, 2010

PrettyThings Jar Swap

Hi there everyone!  It's been a while since I have been able to post, but I have not been a slacker.  I have been working on a large client order (550 Christmas cards) and getting ready to go back to Montreal to visit with my Mom and hubby's Mom.  
This post is the result of a very cool idea, a jar swap!  This was so exciting!
I participated in my first ever over at City Crafter Party Blog and had no idea what goodies could be placed into a jar from my swap partner.  Boy oh boy she was so so generous!  My swap partner was Linda and just look at this beautiful presentation, she even made me a CUTE card!

I don't know how she managed to stuff all of these goodies into the jar, there was even a stamp set!
Some of my very favourite items are the crocheted flowers and the lace wrapped pegs/spools.  I can't wait til I have the time to create a card with some of these very special items!
Thank you Linda!!!
  Do you know that Linda even included a pair of earrings that she made!  Vintage and special, that what this whole package represents to me and I am so lucky to have received such great goodies!  I loved this idea and would really like to participate in this again.  Why don't you check out this new blog, City Crafter Party Blog
to see what's in store next!


  1. wow, what gorgeous embellishments, this has been such a fun swap can't wait to do it again

  2. Cool, I enjoy just looking at the goodies you received from Linda, how beautifully she dressed up her jar, you are one lucky gal! Thanks for the shout out, I alredy have the next one brewing in my mind!

  3. Holy cow! That's a LOT of Christmas cards =) What a fabulous order! Looks like you've got some great goodies - so glad to hear you're keeping out of trouble =)

  4. Oh this is fabulous isn't it? There will be enough for a lot a crafty creations; enjoy them!

  5. Gorgeous selection, love the crochet doily!!

  6. Hi Chriss, thanks for being part of the party, I am glad everyone had fun doing this, we definitely should have another one soon!
    Thanks once again for being here, without anyone of you, it wouldn't be this much fun!

  7. Gorgeous Gorgeous... YUM YUM Goodies... enjoy and have fun playing with them...xx

  8. I just have to come back here to tell you this, i know it is my 3rd comment here, LOL! As i was hopping around to read every single comment from all the participant for the pretty things jar swap, I can't thank you enough, you are so sweet that you mentioned my name every time you leave a comment, I should be the one saying thank you again, thanks for your participation and for being part of the fun!!! Thank You very much, sincerely!

  9. What lovely embellishments! How you enjoy using them. It's fun to see what everyone got!

  10. Chriss, I am so happy you enjoyed your Jar.. I had alot of fun putting it together.. And I really just loved everything that I received..

    Hugs, Linda

  11. Boy, did you luck out, Chriss...your jar is filled with sooo many beautiful things!!!! Sounds like a fun blog...gotta go check it out!!! Good luck with making all those Christmas cards...WOW!!!


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