Saturday, January 8, 2011

List of fours from Tanis

This from TannyP (I just read this on your blog)
here goes...

1. Four shows that you watch:
Divine Design
House Hunters International
Californicationwaiting for ...Nurse Jackie, The Big C
 2. Four things you are passionate about:
My Neil, Caitlin and Ryan
spending time with friends

3. Four words/phrases you say a lot:
Really?!Are you serious?
Sounds like a plan

4. Four things you've learned from the past:
A sense of humour can get you through a lot of trying times
Don't put too much on your plate
There’s a reason for the way things turn out (I second this Tanny)
I can accomplish more when I make a list
5. Four places you would like to go:
6. Four things you did yesterday:
Went to Direct Buy to price commercial style range
Cleaned the wood blinds in kitchen and family room
Made a card and blogged it
Family dinner at home 
7. Four things you are looking forward to:
Our square foot vegetable garden, MrB set it all up today! (we still have to plant in it)
Being more organized and maybe getting a card published one day
Organizing the garage
Seeing my friends from Toronto in Austin this year and Neil's family from Montreal(and maybe China) for American Thanksgiving in Austin

8. Four things you love about winter:
I left Montreal to escape the winter, but
I do think the first snowfall is pretty, especially clinging on the plants and trees
Walking in the snow late at night when you can hear the echoes of every crunch under your feet is something to be experienced
Being all snug and warm in the house while there is a blizzard outside
I honestly can't think of one more...

9. Four people I tag to play along (no worries if you pass :)!!)  I know there are only 3 here, but if anyone reads this and wants to play along...
Joan at Stamping with a Passion
Ros at Mikey's Mom
Lydia at Understand Blue

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  1. Oh I'm soooo with you on the list. I get made fun of all the time. At least now I have it on my phone. When I carried around a notebook, I never heard the end of it!

    I'm also not surprised you can't find a fourth thing to like about winter. With the snowfall we're getting, I'm rethinking my choices.

    You're also very right about a sense of's saved me many times - and is a much better thing for someone to see than tears! =)
    Thanks for playing along, Chriss!


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