Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sending you...MCV

It's my turn for Muse: Christmas Visions !

I am going with some non traditional colours this time!  Greys and blues and a pop of Embossed red.  
This week's card was inspired by a Christmas card that we received last year from a financial advisor and I wanted to recreate the penguins and the general organic and peaceful feel.  It was an all grey/black/white card that looked like a copy of a waddle of hand painted penguins.  Yes, a waddle, not a raft.  I have decided that they are standing on land and are not in water!
  I wish that I could say that I free hand painted them, but not so!  haha!  I did some reverse engineering and cut the card up into two parts and using the parts as a template, painted fine lines around with the lightest grey Zig w/c brush onto Arches card and went from there.  The background was created with sponged distress inks and some colour was picked up with the water droplet method and a cloth,allowing some white of the card to show through.
This is not the first iteration, but the see, I am not that talented when art presents in the form of drawing...or painting for that matter!
Anyway...I am pleased with the outcome and like the addition of my blues and the red sentiment.  
I would love to make a bunch of these cards, but with a layering stamp!  Any stamp companies out there thinking of layered penguins?

I would love to see you in the gallery with a penguin or other critter or neutrals or whatever might inspire you this week!

Thanks for peeking in!
Can you believe it?  Just a little more than 6 months to Christmas!


  1. Hand-painted or not, your card is awesome and poses a real challenge. I'm hoping to play along.

  2. Hey, that counts as hand painted in my book - this is amazing! Can't wait to see how everyone is inspired!

  3. Gorgeous card Chriss. LOVE these watercoloured penguins ... awesome!! Very inspiring!

  4. wow! What an amazing card! This is going to be an amazing challenge for us to even try casing this card... I so love it!

  5. How does one 'reserve' a Christmas card? OH MY GRACIOUS Chriss!!! This is phenomenal! Somebody needs to make a stamp just like this - it would fly off the shelf!! xxoo

  6. It's Fabulous!! Don't do yourself down ... This is an amazing piece of art and I love the water colouring!

  7. Hello Chriss and thank you for the awesome inspiration. Love your beautiful and artful card, the images of this penguins are simply fabulous. Love the way you water colored them and the pop of color of the sentiment.
    My little penguins were waiting for yours, LOL!! Thank you, the wait was totally worth it!!!

  8. Mm I think what you did means hand done Well in my book anyway !and it's just so amazing and as I have already posted mine definitely inspirational!!!x

  9. Mm I think what you did means hand done Well in my book anyway !and it's just so amazing and as I have already posted mine definitely inspirational!!!x

  10. Wow, Chriss, your hand painted penguins are spectacular ... such soft, delicate watercolouring ... simply lovely! And yes, a layered penguin stamp is a fantastic idea! Hugs, mon amie, Anita :)


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